Mindemoya runner finishes sixth among Canadians at Boston Marathon

Evan Bayer placed sixth among Canadians and 174th overall of the 30,000 total Boston Marathon runners.

CALGARY—It appears Evan Bayer has made a breakthrough in terms of deciding in which sport he is going to be participating more in the future, running or cycling, after his fantastic effort at the prestigious Boston Marathon, held April 15.

“This marks somewhat of a breakthrough, as I ran (the Boston Marathon) four minutes faster than I had in the two previous marathons I’ve taken part in,” Mr. Bayer told the Recorder late last week. “And I know I can post an even better time.”

The Mindemoya runner, who now lives in Calgary, finished sixth among all Canadians in the marathon and 174th overall among the 30,000-plus runners that took part. He posted a time of two hours, 33 minutes and 59 seconds over the 42.2-kilometre Boston Marathon course.

“This was my first Boston Marathon, and the third full marathon I’ve taken part in,” Mr. Bayer told the Recorder. He competed in a full marathon in Edmonton in August 2018, and in Toronto in 2016, having success at both.

“Boston is a cool city, the atmosphere was incredible,” said Mr. Bayer. “From mile one to the 26th mile people were lined up on the streets on both sides of the route cheering all the runners on.”

Mr. Bayer has had success in several different race lengths over the past few years. And he pointed out the Calgary Road Runners club held a total of 10 eight-kilometre races over the winter. Racers garnered points in each, depending on how well they placed in each race. “I won this event overall,” Mr. Bayer told the Recorder.

He is looking forward to taking part in marathons taking place in Toronto and an international marathon taking place in California, both to take place later this year. 

“It has taken me eight years to get where I want to want to be in my running, and I think I will continue with my running,” added Mr. Bayer.