Ministry of Labour launches investigation in Tehkummah

TEHKUMMAH—Tehkummah council learned at its last meeting that an investigation has been launched by the Ministry of Labour regarding complaints filed with the ministry by the clerk-treasurer.

The report to council explains that with the assistance of the health and safety coordinator, Roger Chenard, the municipality’s Workplace Violence and Harassment Policy will undergo a review and amendments will be drafted as per the order; the required training will be provided as stated in the order also with the assistance of the health and safety coordinator; and that an investigation into incidents and complaints received by the Ministry of Labour will be launched. “The employer, the Township of Tehkummah, will be responsible for the expense of this investigation. With the assistance of the health and safety coordinator, persons who meet the qualifications of an investigator will be contacted and asked to provide a proposal for their work. It is anticipated that a summary of proposals will be presented at the December council meeting. The reason for sharing this information is due to the fact that there is a cost involved that council should be made aware of.”

The aforementioned complaints were filed by Clerk-Treasurer Karen Gerrard.

Reeve Eric Russell came to the meeting with a candidate he thought suitable for the role of investigator. Ms. Gerrard said he should pass the information on to the health and safety coordinator.

“It’s not council’s decision to appoint, just to pay,” the reeve murmured.