Misery Bay shelter moved to more permanent location

Three workers from Manitoulin Timber Frames, which relocated the shelter, including owner George Kopylov, Blake Bonenfant and Richie Villeneuve.

MISERY BAY – The Our Friends Shelter at Misery Bay has been moved once again.

“We had moved the Our Friends Shelter at Misery Bay 40 feet inland in December of last year (2019) because of the very high increase in Lake Huron water levels,” said John Diebolt, of Friends of Misery Bay (FOMB) this past Monday.

While water levels have gone down over the past month-and-a-half, as a precaution, “we moved the shelter inland another six feet on November 23-24 (so almost 50 feet in the past two years),” said Mr. Diebolt. The shelter is now 25 feet from the waters edge. 

“We have re-established the shelter location on semi-permanent cement pads and put steps up to it so that it will be safe, secure and usable.”

Mr. Diebolt noted the work to relocate the shelter was carried out by Manitoulin Timber Frames with help by volunteers of FOMB. The move was facilitated by Erika Poupore, parks superintendent with Ontario Parks. Project costs were shared by Ontario Parks and FOMB.