‘Modest cost’ of election small price for democracy

To the Expositor:

We applaud your editorial last week (‘Vacant Sandfield ward poses question, Page 4). Central Manitoulin Council should hold an election to fill the vacancy in our ward, not just appoint one of the candidates who is liked by the Councillors.

Canada Post charges a flat fee of $650 plus stamps for such an election. That would work out to considerably less than $2,000 to fill the Sandfield vacancy through vote by mail.

Seasonal residents, whose shoreline property taxes enable the high level of local services and facilities, have appreciated voting by mail.

Along with the local residents of Sandfield we voted decisively last fall for the candidate for reeve who, unlike his opponent, was against spending our taxes on unnecessary new roadwork and drainage in Mindemoya.

Choosing who will speak for us for the next three years is especially important since the other continuing Sandfield councillor got in by acclamation.

The modest cost of an election is a very small price to pay for democracy.

John and Carolyn Horton
Central Manitoulin (Ward 3) and Toronto