MPP Mike Mantha bringing MTO officials to Mindemoya to consider safety of Highway 551/542 corner

MINDEMOYA – Algoma-Manitoulin MPP Michael Mantha says something needs to be done and that it’s an issue that can’t wait when it comes to solutions in regard to safety concerns at the intersection of Highway 551 and 542 in Mindemoya.

“We are planning a site visit to the community and the intersection with the MTO, next week,” MPP Mantha told The Expositor last Thursday. “They (MTO) are definitely aware of the concerns and that something needs to be done.”

“There is currently too much confusion when vehicles get to the four-corner intersection (in downtown Mindemoya),” stated MPP Mantha. “And something needs to be done now in terms of any study on traffic volumes during this the peak time for traffic in the area.” 

“There is parking, signage and obstruction issues for people in vehicles and even those walking when they arrive at the intersection and something needs to be done to clear up the confusion and make the area safe for everyone,” stated MPP Mantha. 

“We need a safe environment so traffic flows through the community all through the year,” said MPP Mantha. “And we want to stress to the MTO that the traffic study they did three or four years ago needs to be done in July-August when the volumes of traffic are at their peak, and not in the fall.” 

“And as part of a traffic study that needs to be taken by the MTO is the need to look at the rate of speed vehicles are going when they pull into town on Highway 551 and 542 through the intersection,” continued MPP Mantha. “We hear from the businesses and members of the community that this is another issue that has been raised and needs to be included in any traffic study that is carried out.” 

The Municipality of Central Manitoulin had its own traffic study carried out a few years ago and “it is telling that the issue of speeding needs to be looked at as well,” stated MPP Mantha. 

This issue has gained prominence again after a serious accident occurred at the intersection of Highway 551 and 542 in Mindemoya on July 19.

Jaclyn Lytle, communications coordinator for the Northeast region of the MTO told The Expositor in an email July 30, “MPP Mantha has reached out to MTO with an invitation for staff to visit the intersection of Highways 551/542 in Mindemoya and observe conditions firsthand. MTO is working with MPP Mantha’s office to schedule this visit in the coming weeks.”