MSS hosting second annual Snowmobile Fun Run

Getting ready for a day on the trails! Manitoulin Secondary School students, teachers, members of the Manitoulin Snowdusters Snowmobile Club, and officers with the Manitoulin Ontario Provincial Police and UCCM Anishinabek Police Services take part in a fun run held in 2016.

M’CHIGEENG—Manitoulin Secondary School (MSS) hosted the first part of its second annual Snowmobile Fun Run last week.

The first portion of the Fun Run took place Friday, February 10. “We will be holding all our in class seminars on Friday,” said Allan Davy, an MSS teacher and organizer, prior to the event. “Officer Steve Hart of the Manitoulin detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and officer Murray Still of the UCCM  Police will be going through snow vehicle operations and license regulations with the participating students.”

OPP officer Al Haner delved into wilderness-outdoor survival, while Jeff Horula, a  conservation officer with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF), visited the school to give a talk about using OFSC (Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Club) trails properly.

“Brad Middleton, of the Manitoulin Snowdusters Snowmobile Club, will be on hand to talk to the students about insurance and so forth, from a property owners perspective and snowmobile insurance perspective,” said Mr. Davy.

“The seminar sessions on Friday are mandatory for all students to attend; who want to go on the ride later this month,” said Mr. Davy. He pointed out the all-day in-school seminar sessions are just for the MSS students taking part in the program.

“On February 28, we will all be riding our snowmachines, on one of three different loops,” continued Mr. Davy. “One loop will run from the school to Gore Bay and the West End of the Island, a second loop will go to Manitowaning and the east end.” All participants will first travel from MSS to Mr. Davy’s family camp in Providence Bay. Then participants can either drive out further on one of the loops or travel back to MSS.

“There will be some riders from the Manitoulin Snowdusters take part, as well as two Manitoulin OPP officers, two UCCM Police officers and two conservation officers taking part,” continued Mr. Davy. “So each loop of the ride will have two law enforcement participants and a minimum of one teacher on each loop of the ride.”

Mr. Davy noted as well, “the ride taking place on February 28 will be open to the public. Anyone who is interested can contact me at the high school, in case for  we have to postpone the event for one or two days due to weather conditions.”

There is no cost to participate, as long as snowmobile enthusiasts have proper license and ownership to ride, and own the snowmachine they are using, and they have a trail permit. Participants can purchase a two day pass for $70 through the OFSC (Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs) website.