MSS Kids in the Hall

by Sandy Kuntsi

School is back in full swing! MSS teachers are winning awards, a new sports team is available, and a huge stress is off of a lot of staff and students.

The Literacy Test took place on Thursday, March 26. Students took the first portion of their test, then took a small snack break. The school provided fresh fruit cups, juice, cookies and rice krispy squares. There was outstanding attendance, out of 152 students only five were absent that day. All of the students can be proud of themselves and take a little bit of stress off of their minds. Ms. Bauer, Mrs. Hutchinson, Mr. Scott and Ms. Wilson helped prepare students with tutorials and extra practice. All staff participated in supervision and administration of the test. Lacey Fownes, a Grade 10 student, says, “I found the test really easy. The time period given was quite long and I didn’t need that much time to complete my test.”

Everyone in the whole school is proud of three awesome teachers. Mr. Kategiannis, Mr. Gurney, and Ms. Addison will be receiving a St. John Lifesaving Awards. They were nominated by the Manitoulin Trustee Larry Killens. They won the award because they saved a student’s life when he was seriously injured. The students of our school know that they are in great hands and are completely safe.

Congratulations to awesome MSS math Teacher Mrs. Theijsmeijer for winning the award for Exceptional and Creative Teaching in Secondary Mathematics from the Ontario Association for Mathematics Association. Miranda MacKay, a Grade 9 student, says, “I find her teaching is a good way to make sure everyone is learning what they need to. Not everyone learns the same way, and the way she does it, everyone can learn how they want.”

The intense game of Spymaster continues. Last year’s Spymaster Jessey Newburn is creeping the halls, and all of the participants are having fun. People are forming alliances, and even the people who were tagged are still helping out their friends and staying involved in the game. Alex Martin said, “I was about to tag my target, and then the guy who was chasing me tagged me as I reached out to tag him.” Imagine how frustrating that must have been. So close, yet so far. Welcome to the world of spies.

We wish the Badminton Team good luck as they go to Elliot Lake on April 1. Also on April 1, Rainbow Rights is having an Easter Bake Sale to raise funds for their Pride Day May 5. The track and field coaches Mr. Holiday and Mr. Balfe have started tryouts. Students who are interested can talk to Mr. Balfe about joining and get details. There is something for everyone in this intense event. Hoops for Heart is on April 10. Students will be fundraising in their communities. It isn’t too late for students to sign up a team.

The annual powwow is coming up soon, and students who would like to dance in regalia can talk to Ms. McGraw and Kaitlyn Tomaselli. Students who would just like to volunteer can also speak to them. The date of the powwow is May 15. It is the 20th annual powwow.

Everybody has had a great month and all the staff and students are looking forward to Easter weekend. ‘Til next time, stay golden, Mustangs!