MSS Kids in the Hall

Last week was busy with Hoops for Heart, the opening of Beauty and the Beats, and varsity badminton. On April 10 MSS hosted Hoops for Heart. The event was a fundraiser for Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario, organized by Rae Wilkin and Meranda Noble. Students and teachers collected pledges around their communities. The profit from this fundraiser was donated to supporting vital research, medical advances and health education. Participants were excused from class so that they could play basketball in honour of those fighting heart diseases. One team of teachers signed up and 14 teams of students were playing three on three basketball all day. Mr. Kategiannis, Mr. Gurney, Ms. Toner and Mrs. Rose went the entire day undefeated. Mr. Balfe and Mr. Davy were special guests on the teachers’ team. Everybody who watched the finals were blown away by Mr. Balfe’s shot accuracy. According to witnesses, he didn’t miss a single shot! Kayla Greenman, a Grade 9 student said, “Well we had six people on our team. We got $120 of fundraising. I think our team had a good time, although we only won two games.” Everybody can rest easy knowing that they helped support a good cause. According to the organizers, the preliminary fundraising total is $1,685.

Mrs. McCann has a free store in her classroom. In the home economics classroom there is now a prom boutique. There are tables covered in shoes and racks covered in dresses. There is a dress for everybody. There are short poofy dresses and long flowing ones. If a student is in need of a prom dress they can simply go into the prom boutique at lunch and try on different outfits. Jesse Wabegijig, a Grade 12 student in Mrs. McCann’s Fashion class says, “It is a great idea and is executed in such a way that it makes getting a hold of nice dress easy for any occasion.” Spring Formal Prom is scheduled for May 22.

On April 16 the Senior Band and Vocal Group will take to the road on their annual band trip. This year’s trip is to Ottawa. At noon the bus will be loaded with music stands, and instruments, and everybody will be settling down for a long trip to the capital. Jessica Jordison, a Grade 11 flutist, says, “We have a full four days of fun planned in Ottawa. We are playing with another high school band in Ottawa in something Mr. T. likes to call a ‘band off.’ We are also performing our music at a public school in Ottawa. It is an inner city school so the students there don’t often get opportunities like this. We are also visiting the Parliament buildings, the Mint, and a couple of museums, as well as watching a performance of Handel’s Creation put on by a children, men, and women choir, along with an orchestra. We are also going to play laser tag, shopping at the mall and touring the University of Ottawa. I am most excited to play at the inner city public school because Kendra and myself have a cousin who teaches there.” I am sure that everybody will have an awesome time, and when the musical core of our school returns, there will be many stories.

The MSS badminton team went to Central Algoma Secondary School for their NSSSAA tournament. Many matches featured Mustangs facing off against other Mustangs because of their seeding. The following athletes have qualified for NOSSAA in Sudbury on April 17-18: Tait Wallace, Hunter Taibossigai, Ethan Taibossigai, James Scott, Matthew Scott and David Scott.

The Talent Show is today, April 15, following a new format this semester. Each act will be limited to a two-minute performance so more performances can be included. This year’s graduates are ordering their grad gowns and caps soon. Mid-term report cards are going out soon as well. These report cards are a great guideline of how students are doing in their classes.

Break a leg at the Talent Show, good luck finding the perfect dress for prom, and play your hardest at NOSSAA badminton. ‘Til next time, stay golden, Mustangs.