MSS Kids in the Hall

It is springtime at MSS. There are only eight people left in Spymaster, so Student Council is going to increase the competition with a surprise challenge this week. May the top spy prevail. April 22 is Jersey Day to promote the hockey spirit during playoffs. Everyone will be wearing their favourite team’s jersey. April 24 is Grease Lightning Day. Students can slick back their hair and throw on some leather.

Athletics competition is coming to a close for badminton and gymnastics. Tait Wallace, James Scott, Ethan Taibossigai, Hunter Taibossigai, David Scott, and Matthew Scott, and the six boys who went to NOSSA Badminton in Sudbury on April 17 and 18. According to coach Ms. Boisvert the team did a great job, and were very honourable. The boys played against some experienced competitors, but stayed honest by calling faults. Ms. Boisvert says, “It was a pleasure to coach the rambunctious bunch and Mr. Tallman and I are very proud of them.” The girl gymnasts had a NOSSA competition on Monday, April 20. After months of practicing their hand springs and vault jumps the whole team finally gets a chance to show judges their awesome routines. The aerobics team will automatically qualify for OFSAA because they were the only entry at NOSSA (maybe all the other schools were too afraid to compete against them).

The Spring Talent Show was on Wednesday, April 15. The acts were limited to two-minute performances which kept the audience entertained. Performers included Bryce Mastelko; Isaac Gosse and Mackenzie Galloway; Jessica Jordison singing with guitar accompaniment by Sam Middleton and Mr. Nelson; Jolene Debassige; Mackenzie Gilmore; David Hall; Alexa Gordon and her bandmates Jade Danville, Elijah Guy and Isaac Gosse; Vocal Group; Senior Band; Grade 10 music class; the teacher band starring Mr. Scott, Noah Belanger, Mrs. Theijsmeijer, Mr. Theijsmeijer and Mr. Kategiannis; Kandice Cyr; Lacey Fownes; the Student Council boys; and Taylor Van Horn. There was also the Teacher Zumba Group with Ms. Boisvert, Ms. Bauer, Ms. Wilson, Mr. Balfe, Mr. Zegil, Ms. Hutchinson, Ms. Ferguson, Mr. Tallman, and Ms. Zahnow who performed “Uptown Funk” to end off the Talent Show.

Coming up in May is Grade 8 Fly. Members of students’ council will be making their trips to all the elementary schools telling the future grade nines about high school and inviting them to attend Fly. The high school is looking for volunteers in Grades 9-12 to help out at Fly. Students will be giving tours, playing ice breakers, and helping the new Grade 9s figure out their new school in preparation for next September.

Mid-term report cards will be mailed out soon. This will be a good look at how students are doing this semester. As many already know, the high school teachers at MSS may begin a strike on Monday, April 27. If the teachers do go on strike for too long, mid-term marks could be the final marks for secondary students. If there is a strike the school will be closed, extracurriculars will not run, and field trips will be cancelled during the strike. The Rainbow District School Board will provide school work on their website for students to continue learning. Hopefully there are no interruptions to the spring activities that have been planned.

‘Til next time, stay golden, Mustangs.