MSS Kids in the Halls

The first week of school is in the books, and the second week is halfway done! I hope everyone is settling into their new routine, whether it be in school or online.

I don’t want to say it, but it is starting to feel a little bit more like fall every day. That means it’s time for a fall joke to represent the change in weather: What did the tree say to autumn? Leaf me alone.

Monday, September 14 and Tuesday, September 15 were picture days at MSS. Lifetouch followed strict protocols while at the school. This year, pictures were taken in order of morning class cohorts instead of by grade, and was split over two days to allow for distancing and disinfecting.

Tomorrow, September 17, is Stand Up Against Bullying Day! Students and staff from across the Rainbow District School Board (RDSB) will be wearing pink as a part of this movement.

There is no cafeteria food service at the school as of right now. They hope to set up a ‘grab and go’ service that will be available to students in the near future. Students are to bring their own lunch from home. 

There is a staggered timetable allowing for two lunch periods this year. Grade 9s and 10s are on the same schedule, while Grade 11s and 12s are at a different time. Tables are disinfected between the two lunch periods. 

A little update on how school is working for students learning from home and in-class. Teachers are livestreaming their classes through Google Meet, so students at home can join in and interact with the lessons that are going on in class. Teachers are also using the VLE (virtual learning environment) and/or Google classroom to connect with their students, both in person and online. The VLE allows for the course content and assignments to be accessed and handed in with ease for all students. 

This year, more than ever, MSS is trying to reduce the amount of paper exchanged between students, teachers and staff. All assignments handed in on paper will have to sit for four days before being touched by the teachers. Students are encouraged to check their rscloud email at the start of each class to see if there are any notices for them. Notifications, for example guidance appointment slips, will be emailed to individual students and their teacher. 

Just a reminder to return all textbooks, library books  or computers from the previous school year to the school as soon as possible. If a student is in need of a school-owned device for the semester, they are to speak to one of their teachers. 

All visitors are not permitted to enter the building without an appointment. To set up an appointment, please call MSS at 705-368-7000. 

Joke of the week: Why did the apple pie cry? Its peelings were hurt!

Upcoming events include Stand Up Against Bullying Day and Orange Shirt Day.

Until next time, ‘Dream and Believe. Learn and Achieve!’