MSS Kids in the Halls

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

What do you call a turkey after Thanksgiving? Either lucky or gobbled.

Picture day proofs are in! Students should have received their picture package and student cards last week during their first period class. If you are interested in ordering pictures, you can do that online or bring the money and form into the main office. Picture orders must be in today, Wednesday, October 14, in order to avoid extra charges.

Now that the renovations are completed at MSS, we are looking for things to add a more personal touch to the newly painted hallways. The school is looking for artwork from our alumni to hang throughout the school. If you are, or know someone that may be interested in displaying a print or an original piece, please contact the school at (705) 368-7000 for more information.

Almost a month and a half of school has gone by without any reporting on extracurriculars since they have been put on hold for the time being. Although, that does not mean there is nothing happening at MSS for students to become involved in. If a Grade 11 or 12 student is missing focusing on something other than their course work, they may be interested in a Specialist High School Major (SHSM) program. A SHSM lets students focus on a career path that matches their skills and interests while meeting the requirements of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). The agriculture SHSM and the arts and culture SHSM are the two SHSMs available at MSS. If you are interested, talk to Mr. Becks or Mr. Theijsmeijer to sign up!

Peer tutors are needed for all grades in math and English! Becoming a peer tutor is a great opportunity to earn volunteer hours and help out a fellow Mustang! If you are interested, please speak with Ms. Keatley or send her an email to Also, if you are thinking about getting help from a peer tutor, speak with any of the guidance counsellors and/or any of your teachers.

This is the sixth week of school and students, staff and teachers have all settled into the new routines that come with going to school during a pandemic. Some of the new procedures that have been put into place include when you enter the school you must sanitize your hands, have only three people sit at a table during lunch, follow directional signage, head straight to class, and wear a mask at all times. Some safety measures that have been put into place in the classroom include having any paper (written assignments, tests, etc.) sit for four days before it can be touched by the teacher and marked, then it has to sit for another four days before being returned to the student. When it is handed back, just like any paper given to you by your teacher, the teacher must wear gloves and use hand sanitizer. Therefore, most assignments are being done online and will continue to be done that way for convenience. Depending on the teacher, online learners often write their tests on paper and submit them by emailing pictures of the paper to the teacher, or they will complete it online. Their camera on Google Meet must be turned on so the teacher can monitor them while they write their test.

Joke of the week: Who helps the little pumpkins cross the road to school? The Crossing Gourd.

Upcoming events include Halloween!

Until next time, “Dream and Believe. Learn and Achieve!”