MSS Kids in the Halls

We did it, Mustangs! First semester is over! Friday, February 5 is a PD Day that will officially mark the end of first semester, but we are close enough to celebrate now! 

What do you call the leader of the biology gang? The nucleus.

During the last week before exams, students were able to treat themselves to a nice and comfy, cozy clothing week which was perfect considering the colder weather. Monday, January 25 was pajama day; Tuesday, January 26 was toque and plaid day; Wednesday, January 27 was wear your favourite fleece and cozy socks day; and Thursday, January 28 was loungewear love day!

Second semester starts on Monday, February 8. Schedules for second semester classes will be given out during the first period. Course and time changes have been made since students received their schedules at midterms in November. Students are encouraged to check the lists at the front of the school to find their classroom on Monday morning. Also, welcome back to any student who has made the transition from remote to in-person learning.

Grade 10 and 11 students who wrote the practice literacy test in the fall received their results via their rscloud email. Anyone who didn’t get a chance to write will have an opportunity to do so during February. Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) resources, tutorials, information sessions and much more are available to students online. Website links are included in the practice test results. In-person Grade 10 and 11 learners will write the official literacy test this spring in order to meet graduation requirements. Students must successfully pass the OSSLT with a minimum total score of 75 percent. 

SHARE/Go-Green will be starting to have meetings again early in second semester. Meetings are held Wednesdays at lunch, and anyone is welcome to join!

The collection of recycling happens each Thursday morning. Don’t forget to remind your teachers to set their recycling bins outside the classroom door for pick up, or even better yet, talk to Mr. T to help get involved!

The virtual Grade 8 information night is scheduled for Thursday, February 18 at 7 pm. Things will be a little different than most information nights since we are unable to meet in-person; however, it will still be the same great experience for both parents and students.

Joke of the week: What sort of music should you listen to while fishing? Something catchy.

Upcoming events include second semester, the virtual information night on Thursday, February 18 and Family Day!

Until next time, “Dream and Believe. Learn and Achieve!”