MSS Kids in the Halls

October is only a few days away! The leaves are changing more and more every day, sadly meaning that the cooler weather is settling in. 

A leaf joke for you: I saw a leaf that was in the shape of a chicken. Apparently it is from a poultree.

Monday, September 20 was the MSS student mock federal election. Students were able to cast a ballot at MSS just as if they were of voting age for the federal election. ID was necessary in order to vote (ex. their student card), but if they did not have any ID with them, their teacher was able to vouch for who they are. This student vote was made possible at MSS and many other schools across Canada through a program called CIVIX which is a national charity dedicated to strengthening democracy through civic education. Ms. Keatley was the staff member in charge of running this event. Students in her first period week two civics and careers class ran the polling stations holding positions as polling clerks, district returning officer and scrutineers.

Results from the MSS student election were as follows: New Democratic Party, Carol Hughes, 117 votes; Liberal Party, Duke Peltier, 70 votes; Conservative Party, John Sagman, 40 votes; Green Party, Stephen Zimmerman, 12 votes; People’s Party of Canada, Harry Jaaskelainen, nine votes; Christian Heritage Party, Clarence Baarda, five votes. There were a total of 256 valid ballots with 12 rejected ballots and five spoiled ballots. 

Canada-wide voting student results were released by CIVIX on the evening of September 20. Provincially in Ontario, the Liberal Party won the popular vote with the New Democratic Party in a close second. Nationally, the New Democratic Party won the student popular vote, but the Liberal Party led in seat count with 118. Overall, the student vote results were very similar to voting results from the federal election. If you would like to read more about the results of the CIVIX student election across Canada, please visit Thank you to Ms. Keatley, her students, and all the students that voted!

A little taste of sweetness made its way into Ms. Beck’s Grade 11/12 Earth and space science class on Tuesday, September 21 as the students helped extract honey from the Becks, Bauer and Wiwchar family hives as well as the school’s hives. Students were able to be hands-on during a large part of the process, including spinning the honey down and carrying the very heavy pails and hive boxes up and down the stairs. 

On Wednesday, September 22 there was a university information presentation held in Mr. Wesno’s SBI4U class during first period. Students not already in Mr. Wesno’s biology class had to sign up in order to attend the session. Students were given valuable resources and advice to help start the decision and planning process for their university applications.

Freezie Friday was once again postponed, but there were enough fingers crossed that the sweet treats finally made their appearance on Friday, September 24. 

Friday, September 24 was also tacky tourist day! Students made sure that they didn’t miss out on the chance to grab their favourite Hawaiian shirt and channel their inner tacky tourist for a day.

Many sports are now running after school which is great to see considering everything has had to be put on hold over the last year and a half. Girls’ basketball is having daily after school practices, cross country is up and running, and boys volleyball is also practicing!

Joke of the week: A man walks into a library and asks the librarian for books about paranoia. She whispers, “They’re right behind you!”

Upcoming events include National Day for Truth and Reconciliation – Orange Shirt Day.

Until next time, “Dream and Believe. Learn and Achieve!”