MSS Kids in the Halls

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend! The leaves are beginning to fall and the birds are heading south. A migration joke for you: Why do birds fly south in the fall? Because it’s too far to walk.

On Wednesday, October 6, the junior and senior boys’ volleyball teams were in action for the first time this season. The junior boys team hosted teams from Espanola at MSS: the Espanola Spartans and La Renaissance. The team played each team twice for a total of four games throughout the day. There were some close sets, but the boys never lost a game. The senior boys’ team was in action in Elliot Lake. They also played four games, two against Elliot Lake and two against Espanola. The boys won and dropped a game to each team for a total of two wins and two losses. Great job, Mustangs!

On Friday, October 8 there was a presentation for any students interested in attending college next year. If you were unable to attend the meeting, please see the Grade 12 Guidance Google Classroom for more information, or if you have any questions you can speak to a guidance counsellor.

From Tuesday, October 12 until Wednesday, October 20, the SHARE/Go Green committee will be holding a ‘Zinc Saves Lives’ battery drive at MSS. Students and staff are invited to bring their household batteries to school to donate to the campaign. Did you know that one AA battery contains the same amount of zinc as would be required to save the lives of six children that have zinc deficiencies?

There have been some start up meetings for any girls interested in trying out for the hockey team this year. 

The MSS choir is always looking for new members. Currently, students meet in the music room (D6) after school on Thursdays, but this is subject to change. If you have any questions, please talk to Mr. Theijsmeijer

Shhhh….I have hopeful news. There is a possibility that MSS will be doing a musical this year! There will obviously be a lot of restrictions due to COVID-19, but there are modifications that can be made. The directors are currently considering options for a production. Any students that are interested should join the Google Classroom and fill in the Google Form. The Google Classroom code can be found on the TVs in the cafeteria and common room. 

A reminder that the two late buses (East and West) run after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Students must sign up for the buses, and there must be enough students signed up in order to have them run. 

Joke of the week: A potato and a sweet potato were playing on the playground. The sweet potato told the potato, “Hey, I just found out I’m related to you.” The potato said, “No, you’re not!” and the sweet potato replied, “Yes, I yam.”

Upcoming events include a PD Day, the Battery Drive, Halloween for Hunger and Halloweeen!

Until next time, “Dream and Believe. Learn and Achieve!”