MTO rules on roadside signs hurt many home and farm businesses

To the Expositor:

I live and make a living on Manitowaning. All my life I have found you must wear many hats and have diverse businesses. As a young boy, I gathered worms and frogs and sold them to fishermen and so paid for a few things a boy might want. I sold these with a sign at the road.

Later, as a teenager, I sold eggs, worms and pumpkins with a sign at the road.

As an adult, I sold eggs, pumpkins, sweet corn, all with a sign at the road. Never any problems or complaints, no driving hazards from my signs and so today everyone knows when pumpkins are ready at Leeson’s and find us by our roadside signs.

People looking to buy a monument for a loved one can see our sign at the road, “Monument Sales and Service” and love the local service.

But you will see our signs no more.

The Ministry of Transportation has ordered all my roadside signs, and I guess all others, removed and relocated onto my own property.

Yes, newspaper ads are great, bargain hunters are okay, but nothing works as good as a sign at the road to show where you are but, as I said, the MTO says ‘no more.’

This really hurts Manitoulin’s many home and farm businesses. We must run to survive on Manitoulin.

Please, MTO, let’s get real and reconsider these rules. Signs relocated onto my property will have to be huge and expensive to be seen.

Morden Leeson
Highway 6
South of Manitowaning