Mustangs skate into A division for the second half of the season

The Manitoulin Secondary School Mustangs go head-to-head against St. Charles College earlier this month, lossing 0-6, but are hopeful of a comeback after the exam break. photo by Robin Burridge

MANITOULIN—The Manitoulin Secondary School (MSS) boys’ hockey team has made it into the A division after a strong first half of the season. Sadly, a rocky start in the New Year placed the MSS Mustangs behind in the division, in fourth place, but coach Brad Bond is hopeful that after the exam break the boys will come together and finish the season on top.

“We had a bad start in our game against St. Charles (St. Charles College, on January 10),” explained Mr. Bond. “We were 0 and 2 the first minute and it just went down from there. We were playing well, but just no luck.”

“Then against Confederation (Confederation Secondary School) last Friday, we again had no luck around the net,” continued Mr. Bond. “We had a power play in the third, but we didn’t capitalize on it and we had some bad penalties. Emotions got out of control and it really cost us.”

Mr. Bond said that the Mustangs are a good team, but that they just haven’t been to the best of their ability, leading him and the coaching team to try and “shake things up.”

“We have a break in the season for exams and are going to the Bur Bear Hockey Tournament in Burlington next week,” he said. “Hopefully everything will come together and we will come back strong!”

Robin Burridge