NEMI Taxpayers disband after 11 years

LITTLE CURRENT—The NEMI Taxpayers Association is disbanding after 11 years, but is calling on a new group of individuals to take over the cause.

“The NEMI Taxpayers Association executive met in December of 2016 and approved a motion to disband the association effective March 2017,” explained NEMI Taxpayers Chairperson Mark Volpini. “This decision did not come easy.”

Mr. Volpini noted that the NEMI Taxpayers Association has been active since 2006 and over the past 11 years and has worked closely with members of council through various municipal projects.

“We are especially satisfied with the work we’ve accomplished with our council and municipal staff, as it relates to the yearly municipal budgets,” said Mr. Volpini. “As our member priorities have shifted, our association felt it was time to recognize the progress we’ve made through the years and celebrate our successes.”

Mr. Volpini said that all the association funds will be maintained through the Northern Credit Union, should there be any municipal ratepayers interested in keeping the association active.

“In one year, if there is no change in the association status, then all remaining funds will be withdrawn and donated to the NEMI Public Library, in accordance with the motion passed at our December 2016 meeting,” Mr. Volpini added. “We wish to thank our members for their overwhelming support. Again, this decision came with mixed emotions. However, our current board recognizes it is time for a new set of voices, a new direction and a new set of ideas. We appreciate and are thankful for the respectful relationship that has existed over the years, between our councillors, our mayors, town staff and the CAO.”

If anyone is interested in continuing the NEMI Taxpayers Association, they are encouraged to email (the email address will remain active until March 2018).