New displays at Centennial Museum of Sheguiandah to be installed this summer

The Centennial Museum of Sheguiandah will see new displays this summer.

SHEGUIANDAH—The Centennial Museum of Sheguiandah will be getting a new exhibit installed this summer as part of the archaeological site project at the museum.

“There will be displays that showcase some of the artifacts from the archaeological dig site and panels with information,” explained Museum Curator Lisa Hallaert. “There will be interactive components for children as well, such as a mini dig area.”

“The final content of the exhibit is still being finalized, but there will be information about the first dig, the reinvestigation and excavation of the site, information about how natural processes can and do cause soil mixing and the implications that has on the site and information about the significant time periods,” Northeast Town Economic Development Officer Kristin Luoma said.

Ms. Luoma also noted that SA•WAT•SKI Concept Reality was the firm that was selected to complete this portion of the archaeological site project through an RFP this past spring. They will be working with other fabricators to build various components of the exhibit and then installing it at the museum.

“We are really excited about the new exhibit,” said Ms. Hallaert. “The work is scheduled to start in the next three weeks.”