New Rainbow Rescue initiative aims at getting stray cats off the streets in the Northeast Town

NORTHEAST TOWN—A partnership pilot project between Little Current’s Rainbow Rescue, the Northeast Town and Island Animal Hospital is hoping to get stray cats off the streets of the municipality, while helping protect homed felines.

“I’ve noticed that the last couple of years there has been a lot of stray cats in the municipality,” said Rainbow Rescue owner and operator Bleu Fisher. “Seven out of 10 of these strays have FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus—feline AIDS).”

Ms. Fisher explained that not only is this a problem for the strays, but also homed felines that get infected through fights with strays.

“I’ve got a lot of the strays in the town pulled out, but it is an ongoing problem,” said Ms. Fisher. “Cats with FIV are also hard to home—there are a lot of stigmas around it.”

Through working with rescue cats in the municipality, Ms. Fisher came up with the idea to develop a pilot project where the Northeast Town, Island Animal Hospital and her rescue organization would split the costs of getting stray cats spayed or neutered and tested for FIV.

The Northeast Town council reviewed Ms. Fisher’s proposal last year, officially coming on board last month with an up to $1,500 commitment, or one third of the costs of the project.

Ms. Fisher said that Rainbow Rescue has “pulled out of the area” 346 cats and dogs in the last couple years, getting medical treatments for the ones in need and finding homes for the animals.

“I think this pilot project is great,” said Steve Fisher, clinic manager of the Island Animal Hospital. “It is great that people like Bleu are helping the Island’s stray animals. She is doing amazing work.”

If you know of a stray animal in need or you have an animal you need to surrender (surrender fees apply) you can contact Ms. Fisher at 705-806-1959.

Ms. Fisher also has cats in needs of home, so consider adopting a rescue and opening your doors to a new feline friend.