New residents of Providence Bay thankful for care of beach

To the Expositor:

Our family has recently become full-time residents of Providence Bay and we want to express our appreciation and thanks to the people of Providence Bay and the municipality for having the insight and commitment to allow the beach in Prov to develop and evolve in such a beautiful and natural way.

I grew up in southern Ontario and spent most of my life living in BC, but have been coming to the Island for a number of years to visit with family and to enjoy the wonderful landscape and community. There were a number of factors that led us to the decision to move here from across the country, but by far the greatest draw was the beach and all it has to offer.

As a landscape photographer I have become deeply aware how few and far between the opportunities are to easily access areas of such uniqueness and beauty and I can only hope the delicate balance of protecting the dunes while at the same time offering folks the chance to enjoy the beach for swimming and picnicking is maintained.

With two young children, going to the beach to swim was a daily event throughout the summer and in fact there were days when we took the kids down more than once to enjoy the water. Even at the busiest times of the season there was always more than enough room for ourselves and other beachgoers to spread out a blanket and relax without being crowded out by other people or the wonderful plant life.

Job well done!


Mitch, Kate, Graham and Hadarah Krupp

Providence Bay