New Year’s baby family’s third girl

HAPPY NEW YEAR—Parents Katrina Alston and and Matthew Eadie welcome their third daughter to the family. Kristyn Anne Eadie, 7 lbs, 7 ozs and 22.5 inches long, was born January 9 at 1:37 pm, making her the Island’s first baby of 2015. Katrina joins sisters Kyla and Kayde as part of the next generation of Haweaters.

LITTLE CURRENT—When 24-year-old Katrina Alston of Little Current awoke to contractions last Friday (January 9) morning, she knew she would be giving birth to her third daughter a week early, but what she didn’t know is that her little girl would be the first baby of the New Year born on Manitoulin.

“I hadn’t even packed yet,” Ms. Alston said, recalling the previous morning during an interview with The Expositor last Saturday afternoon. “I woke up to contractions, but I wanted to wait, so I had some tea and a shower and then started to pack my bag.”

Next Ms. Alston woke up her partner 26-year-old Matthew Eadie and called her grandmother to watch their other daughters, three-year-old Kyla and two-year-old Kayde, while her mom Kelly accompanied them to the Little Current hospital.

“We got to the hospital around 7 am,” continued Ms. Alston. “Andrew Jeffrey, a resident with Dr. Quackenbush, delivered our baby, but we almost had to go to Sudbury. She (the baby) kept moving her head towards my hip. I had to walk around the hallways and they had to break my water because her head wasn’t all the way down.”

Thankfully, the rest of the birth went smoothly and Ms. Alston gave birth to a 7 lb, 7oz , 22.5 inch long healthy baby girl at 1:37 pm, which the couple named Kristyn Anne Eadie.

“Her (the new mom’s) name is Katrina and our other girls are Kyla and Kayde and her mom is Kelly and my mom is Kim,” explained Mr. Eadie of the name choice. “We wanted to stick with the ‘k’ theme, that’s why we chose Kristyn.”

“All my other girls were born on a Tuesday here (in Little Current), I was hoping she would be too, but she was 7.7 lbs and so was my second girl (Kayde) and their dad (Mr. Eadie was also 7.7 lbs when he was born at the same hospital 26 years earlier).”

The happy parents said they were “surprised” but thrilled when they learned Kristyn was the Manitoulin New Year’s baby.

“We didn’t think she would be the first, but it was cool when we found out,” said Ms. Alston. “It was unexpected and the hospital auxiliary gave us a really nice gift basket, which was an added surprise. It was really nice of them.”

The newest Haweater is doing well, sleeping lots between meals, Ms. Alston told The Expositor as she gently rocked Kristyn and gazed lovingly at her new baby girl.