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Claire’s Picks

1. ‘Kingdom of Bones’ by James Rollins

2. ‘The Investigator’ by John Sandford

3. ‘22 Seconds’ by James Patterson

4. ‘A Face To Die For’ by Irish Johansen

5. ‘The Polish Girl’ by Malka Ider

‘Kingdom of Bones’ – Beginning in Africa, a United Nations relief team in a small village in the Congo makes an alarming discovery. An unknown force is levelling the evolutionary playing field. Men, women, and children have been reduced to a dull catatonic state. The environment surrounding them—plants and animals—has grown more cunning and predatory, evolving at an exponential pace. The insidious phenomenon is spreading from a cursed site in the jungle,known to locals as the Kingdom of Bones, and sweeping across Africa, threatening the rest of the world.

A good read.

‘The Investigator’ – Letty Davenport, the brilliant adopted daughter of Lucas Davenport, takes the reins in an investigation of a dangerous militia group in the newest thriller. Letty is partnered with a DHS investigator, John Kaiser, and the two head to Texas. When the case quickly turns deadly, they know they’re on the track of something bigger.

‘22 Seconds’ – The 22nd book in the Women’s Murder Club series, a favourite series of mine. 22 seconds until Lindsay Boxer loses her badge, or her life. Someone is killing hero cops all over San Francisco. The murders are done by professionals and all the victims have the same warning scrawled on their bodies. “You talk, you die.” Will Lindsay be next? Or maybe someone she loves—her husband Joe? It all comes down to 22 seconds.

‘A Face To Die For’ – Eve Duncan attempts to unearth one of history’s most intriguing lost secrets in this adventure ripped from the pages of Green mythology. Kiley Smith, an archaeologist, has been obsessed with Helen of Troy since she was a small girl, trailing her professor father all over the world seeking the tomb of the world’s most beautiful woman. Riley seeks the help of forensic sculptor Eve Duncan, who has the unusual skills necessary to re-create the face that launched a thousand ships revealing Helen’s true appearance for the first time in history. But convincing Eve to take on this challenge will be difficult because her efforts could come at great personal risk to her and her family and the story continues. A great read.

‘The Polish Girl’ – In the winter of 1939, Danusha and her family are forced to flee their home when the Nazis invade Poland. Danusha’s mother, Anna changes her name and secures a position as a housekeeper in a German doctor’s mansion in Krakow where Gestapo meetings are hosted in the kitchen. This story is a heartbreaking and unforgettable historical novel, inspired by the true story of a mother’s love and a daughter’s hope.

Warm weather has finally arrived and we can sit outside and read a good book.

Lots of new books, large print and regular font, many DVDs and talking books both in cassettes and CD format. Many new books for young adults and junior readers as well as graphic novels.

If you don’t see a specific book on the shelves that you want to read or a new author you would like to try please don’t hesitate to ask me and I will try and purchase the books. I am always looking for new authors to purchase their writings.

Remember we also have lots of books for sale most at 50 cents each.

And several public computers, the first 15 minutes are free so you can quickly check your emails, after that it’s $2. no time limit unless someone is waiting to use a computer.

At your library, staff are still wearing a mask while working, but it is no longer mandatory for the public entering the library having to wear a mask so it is entirely up to you. We continue to disinfect computers after people use the computers and hand sanitizer is available.

Enjoy all this lovely weather, you know what is just around the corner.

See you at your library!