News from the Mindemoya Library Book Mice

by Claire Cline

Claire’s Top 5 Picks

1. John Grisham – ‘The Whistler’
2. Lisa Gardner – ‘Right Behind You’
3. John Lescroart – ‘Fatal’
4. Fire in the Night – ‘Linda Byler’
5. ‘Lemon-Aid New and Used Cars and Trucks 2017’

‘The Whistler’ by John Grisham – One of my favourite authors and he has just written another novel I could hardly put down. Judges are expected to be honest and wise and their integrity and impartiality are the bedrock of the entire judicial system. Lacy Stoltz is an investigator for the Florida Board on Judicial Conduct. The is a lawyer, not a cop, and it is her job to respond to complaints dealing with judicial misconduct. After nine years with the board, she knows that most problems are caused by incompetence, not corruption. But a corruption case eventually crosses her desk. And so it begins…full of twists and turns, a good read.

‘Right Behind You’ by Lisa Gardner – FBI profilers Pierce Quincy and Rainie Conner are once again working on a double murder with no end in sight. It appears the shooter could be Sharla’s (adopted daughter of Pierce and Rainie) older brother who no one has seen since he beat their drunken father to death with a baseball bat eight years ago. Once again, Lisa Gardner has written a book that will keep you reading far into the night.

‘Fatal’ by John Lescroart – When Kate confesses to her oldest friend, Beth that she is obsessing about a married man she has just met Beth is alarmed. As a San Francisco police detective, Beth has seen time and time again the destructive repercussions of infidelity. But as time goes on Kate cannot get Peter out of her head. Soon her crush becomes a fixation leading to one intense encounter. Confident that her life can now go back to normal, Kate never considers that Peter may not be so willing to move on. Six months later, Peter’s body washes up on a beach and Beth is assigned the case. She has no idea of Kate’s connection to the corpse, but as the pool of suspects narrows, Beth is forced to see that the prime suspect might have been right in front of her the entire time. This novel illuminates how little with really know about the lives (and lies) of our closest friends and loved ones.

‘Fire in the Night’ by Linda Byler – A suspenseful romance by the bestselling Amish author who is a practicing member of the Amish church. The Amish community of Lancaster is being terrorized by barn fires. When a second Amish barn burns for suspicious reasons, the Amish are growing more restless. Seriously considering police protection, the increasingly tense community questions their traditional nonresistant approach to violence. Everyone is on edge as the losses mount and suspicions undo the usual steadiness of the Amish people.

‘Lemon-aid New and Used Cars and Trucks 2017’ – If you are thinking of buying a car or truck this is the book to look at before you do. This covers the years from 2007 to 2017. It tells you the best and worst deals, best cars for seniors, families and students and depreciating winners and losers. It also names the bargain junkers and luxury lemons.

A good book to look at before you spend your hard-earned dollars.

Lots of new books, too many to mention here, for you to curl up and read in front of a warm fire, while we wait for winter to say goodbye.

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