No tax increase for Assiginack residents, slight change to water, sewer rates

ASSIGINACK – While there has been a slight increase to Assiginack’s municipal levy (the amount needed to be raised to operate the municipality), taxes for residents will remain the same.

The 2021 municipal levy has been set at $2,867,533—$58,277 above last year’s amount—with the 2021 education levy at $336,544 ($7,277 above the 2020 rate). The rates for all tax classes—residential, multi-residential, commercial occupied, commercial vacant, industrial occupied, industrial vacant, pipelines, landfill, farm and managed forest—will remain at status quo from last year, thanks to the two percent increase in Municipal Property Assessment Corporation assessment over last year. 

As an example, for every $100,000 of value on a residential property, $1,667.05 in taxes would be owed to the municipality.

Assiginack collects its taxes in two installments throughout the year, with the first installment due by August 18 and the second on October 20.

Council also set water rates for Sunsite Estates and water and sewer rates for Manitowaning at its May meeting.

In Sunsite Estates, the annual flat rate for water is now $1,601.95 and is billed on a monthly basis. This is a slight increase of $16.02 from last year.

In Manitowaning, there are numerous rates depending on the dwelling or building type, but a single family home’s annual water rate is $797.15 plus $598.77 for sewer for a total of $1,395.92 (an increase of $26.73 from 2020).