Noojmowin Teg hosts 6th annual Good Life Conference

Keynote speaker at the Noojmowin Teg Good Life Conference NBA entertainer Quincy Mack shows off his moves. photos by Robin Burridge

MANITOULIN—The Noojmowin Teg Health Centre hosted the 6th annual Good Life Conference this past weekend in M’Chigeeng, featuring several guest speakers including NBA entertainer Quincy (Q) Mack.

The conference got started with an opening prayer from elder Jim McGregor, followed by a drum welcoming song.

Keynote speaker Q-Mack invited all the children present to sit at the front of the group and combined basketball tricks, audience participation and motivational speaking in his presentation.

Q-Mack explained that he grew up near Brantford, Ontario and is a Mohawk  from the Six Nations.

He said he didn’t have a lot of money growing up and when he asked for a basketball, his father gave him a small one that caused him to be the butt of jokes at school.

“I didn’t let it get me down and I went home and started working on my moves, practicing tricks,” said Q-Mack. “You always need to believe in yourself. If you practice and you believe in yourself then it builds your confidence.”

Greg Sutherland talks about ways for families to get active during his workshop ‘Getting Active to Better Your Life.’
Greg Sutherland talks about ways for families to get active during his workshop ‘Getting Active to Better Your Life.’

After Q-Mack’s presentation, workshops got underway. ‘Getting Active to Better Your Life’ was led by Greg Sutherland. Mr. Sutherland explored various ways and activities that families can utilize to improve their overall physical heath and become a stronger family unit during his workshop.

Co-presenters Cody Lesson and Amanda Freeman spoke to participants about why individuals recognize more fast food logos then traditional and Canadian grown food in their workshop ‘Nice Treats; Making Healthy Choices in Today’s World,’ also speaking about healthy eating guidelines.

In ‘Energy Healing Techniques,’ presenter Agnes Kanasawe spoke of the issues that have been passed on from generation to generation, and these issues are stored in bloodlines. She explained that energy healing techniques dissolve the intergenerational and multigenerational dysfunction that has been passed down by removing the negative energies from people’s heart, soul, mind, body, spirit, emotions, energy field, cell memory and the bloodline all at once.

In the final workshop, ‘Anishinabek MinoBimaadiziwin,’ presenter Dan Garcia focused on teachings of the sacred bundles and family relationships.

“We had about 60-70 participants and everything seemed really well received,” Mark Peltier, healthy living youth program coordinator with Noojmowin Teg, said of the conference. “The idea behind the conference was to complement our physical activity programming we have throughout the year in the communities with an event that brings everyone together and promotes physical activity.”