North Bay’s Fur Harvester Auction Inc. receives coveted Furmark certification


NORTH BAY – News that Fur Harvesters Auction Inc. (FHA) has received the coveted Furmark® certification from Baltic Control came as no surprise to Kagawong trapper Ian Anderson, given his long association with the company.

“They do a wonderful job of what they do,” he said, noting that company’s efforts to promote sustainable and humane trapping. “They are always looking to improve trapping as it occurs today to make it as humane as possible.”

Baltic Control Certification is a family-owned Danish company headquartered in Copenhagen. It is one of the leading certification companies in the world in the field of food production and sustainability, focussing on animal welfare, feed, green production and sustainable energy production.

Furmark® is the new global certification and traceability system for sustainable natural fur that ensures the highest animal welfare and environmental standards.