Northeast Town council accepts $20,000 reserve reimbursement from Island planning board

MANITOULIN—The Northeast Town has accepted an offer from the Manitoulin Planning Board (MPB) for $20,000 from the board’s reserves.

“An offer came in through our lawyer last night that the MPB would give us $20,000 of the board’s reserves,” said Mayor Al MacNevin. “We were asking for $30,000, but council decided that instead of spending more money on legal fees, we would accept the offer—it’s a good compromise.”

As The Expositor previously reported, Northeast Town council directed staff to seek legal advice to get its perceived $30,000 (of the approximately $90,000) share back from the MPB reserves since leaving the board and establishing its own planning authority last year.

In March, the MPB carried a motion that the reserves would remain the property of the board.

At the MPB’s April meeting, a motion was put forward by Richard Stephens and seconded by Ian Anderson to give $15,000 to the Northeast Town, however the motion was defeated.

Following an in-camera session at the September 26 board meeting, the MPB passed a motion, moved by Lee Hayden and seconded by Richard Stephens, “That in the interests of both the MPB and the Northeast Town, and to resolve the issue of the reimbursement of reserve funds, that legal counsels discuss $20,000 be paid to the Northeast Town.”