Northeast Town Council Notes

Traffic control amendment

Following the May 18 discussion regarding changing the far east lane of Manitowaning Road from a parking lane to one for through traffic in the hopes of alleviating bottlenecks from drivers entering and existing the Tim Hortons parking lot, council made an amendment to Bylaw 2015-32, Schedule B, removing the ‘no parking’ moniker on Manitowaning Road from Blake to Draper streets.

Bed and breakfast requests

Following a deferral from the May 18 council meeting, two requests from Sheg Bay Bed and Breakfast again appeared before council.

The first, seeking permission for use of the shoreline road allowance for the placement of a gravel path, was brought forward by CAO Dave Williamson, who had gone to the property to see if work had been completed before municipal permission was granted, as had been suggested by one councillor.

“There was a suggestion that work was undertaken,” Mr. Williamson began. “There was no work done other than by beavers. Clearly, they had not done any work on the shoreline.”

Mr. Williamson said neighbours had concerns that gravel from the new pathway would be placed on their property. The CAO reminded council that the municipality would never grant permission to allow work on someone else’s property, so this was really a moot point.

Councillor Jim Ferguson then apologized for bringing forward what he deemed “misinformation: during the previous week’s meeting. “From the perspective I had, it appeared work had been done,” he said, giving his apologies to both council and the bed and breakfast owners.

Council also received a letter from the owners of the neighbouring business, White Haven Cottages, as well as the tourist camp’s former owner, Bill Strain, expressing their concern with the pathway.

The motion to grant the request was passed.

Secondly, Pam Lehman of Sheg Bay Bed and Breakfast had offered council a strip of land that houses the Bass Creek fish viewing station for a tax receipt of $20,000. The land, part of an historic mill operation, was on one side of Bass Creek while the main bed and breakfast property covers several acres on the stream’s other side.

The CAO noted that there was some concern with the title at the previous week’s meeting, but upon search, “the title is clean. There are no covenants, and nothing registered on title.” In exchange for the donation, Ms. Lehman asked that the town cover the cost of the survey and title charge as well as issue a tax receipt for $20,000.

Mr. Williamson said there were no issues with this from a staff perspective, but that the property would have to be assessed before the tax receipt is issued.

Councillor Michael Erskine suggested that the dollar figure of the tax receipt be removed from the motion. The CAO agreed.

Councillor Ferguson said he had also done his own research on the property and would be happy to support the motion.

Community Policing Advisory Committee

Councillor Al Boyd gave a synopsis of the last Community Policing Advisory Committee minutes. He noted that the Manitoulin detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police has two new officers trained on the OPP’s largest vessel. On the topic of marine patrols, Councillor Laurie Cook made the suggestion that the police monitor the populated seasonal resident areas accessible only by water more often in the shoulder season.

Councillor Boyd also noted that the Northeast Town’s new radar sign has created quite a splash in the Manitoulin municipal world with other municipalities looking to get in on the radar fun.

In camera

Council went into in camera session for two items: a proposed or pending disposition or acquisition of land for municipal or local board purposes and litigation or potential litigation, including matters before administrative tribunals affecting the municipality or local board.

When council returned to their regular meeting, a motion was passed to change the lease agreement between the municipality and Northern Ontario Permaculture Institute for the community garden to indicate that the municipality’s leaseholder will now be Noojmowin Teg.