Northeast Town Council Notes

Council supports Taxpayers’ Association

The Northeast Town council made a motion to support the NEMI Taxpayers’ Association through a resolution “demanding that the Province of Ontario recognize that hydro rates are becoming increasingly unaffordable, not only to families but to municipalities.”

The resolution will be forwarded to Minister Bob Chiarelli of the Ministry of Energy and all First Nations and municipalities within the province.

Council grants horse club use of town ring

The Manitoulin Horse Club wrote council requesting council’s permission to use the Northeast Town horse ring (behind the recreation centre) this upcoming Haweater Weekend (on August 2).

The club reminded council that they have made numerous improvements to the horse ring including the addition of 12 loads of sand over two years and the replacing of fence boards.

The club also asked permission to paint the ring boards white at no cost or labourb to the town or staff.

Council carried a motion to grant the Manitoulin Horse Club’s requests, noting their event adds to a wonderful Haweater Weekend.

Sign request

SLM Recycling requested permission to erect a directional sign at each end of Bidwell Road, at Highway 540 and at Town Line Road.

Town CAO Dave Williamson explained that the sign at Highway 540 was under the purview of the Ministry of Transportation, but that council could discuss sign at Town Line Road as it would be on municipal property.

Council carried a motion granting SLM Recycling permission to place a sign on a pre-existing directional post at the Town Line Road corner.

Shoreline landscaping

Council reviewed a letter from Bruce Ward of Bay Estates who requested permission to do work on the shoreline allowance in front of his house.

The work would include clearing an area near the shoreline, about 45 feet long by 15 feet deep, removing rocks and small stumps, and laying clear stone for the purpose of creating a space for chairs and bringing kayaks and onto shore.

Mr. Williamson explained that Mr. Ward had already been in contact with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and they had had no objection.

Mr. Williamson recommended that if council grants the request, they should add that the work would be under the supervision of the manager of public works to its motion.

Council carried a motion to allow Mr. Ward to perform the requested improvements to the shoreline allowance in front of his home under the supervision of the Northeast Town manager of public works.

Town receives age friendly grant

The Northeast Town council received notification that the municipality had granted an Age-Friendly Community Planning Grant in the amount of $36,000 from the Minister Responsible for Senior Affairs Mario Sergio.

“As you know, age-friendly communities are supportive of the physical and social environment that enable older people to live active, safe and meaningful lives that continue to contribute in all areas of community life,” explained a letter from Minister Sergio.

Council carried a motion to accept the grant.

Old bulldozer declared surplus

Council carried a motion to declare both the town’s 1995 450 John Deere bulldozer and 1989 Caterpillar bomag surplus.

Town approves RONA site plan agreement

The Northeast Town council approved the site plan agreement for the new 20,000 square-foot RONA Home Building Centre on Highway 6 just outside of Little Current.

Accounts receivable 

Town treasurer Sheryl Wilkin reviewed the accounts receivable for June with council.

She noted that there was $802.03 billed in the month for water/sewer and a total of $25,702.69 in payments.

She added that there are currently 14 accounts over the $500 limit and that of those accounts, eight were being disconnected and that six of the accounts were over the $500 limit due to penalty applied for June.

For accounts receivable taxes, there were $129,339.82 made in payments in the month. Ms. Wilkin explained that the final tax bills are due July 31 and September 25 and that the bills will be mailed by July 9.