Northeast Town Council Notes

Ashley Drain concerns

Council received correspondence from Mike Lecuyer of North Channel Drive regarding drainage issues which are perceived to result from the Ashley Drain construction.

“As you are aware, during the discussions regarding the Ashley Drain construction I raised several issues about the pond on my property as a filtering agent for my potable water as well as the creek that runs through my property,” Mr. Lecuyer writes. “At the municipal hearing on this, it was ordered by the tribunal (Ontario Drainage Tribunal) that the trenching and associated works was to stop at my property line. There was to be no further trenching. Unfortunately, that order was not followed and the digging continued. The creek has continued to flood over the years. The culverts at my end of the creek by my access point from North Channel Drive have been cleaned several times but the water continues to backlog. I suspect the culverts are incorrectly sized.”

Mr. Lecuyer goes on to note that the creation of the new Ontario Provincial Police detachment has further exacerbated the problem. He also notes that finger ditches were supposed to be dug on his property, but he says that never occurred.

“The findings of the tribunal that the ‘proposed drainage works will not significantly increase the flow of water into and across the Lecuyer property’ is an error,” he continued.

“Because of the increase of water draining onto my property, I am now experiencing black sludge and grit filling my potable water well,” Mr. Lecuyer added. “I am changing the well water filters every two weeks during the summer and winter to no avail.” He also noted that he is no longer having his farm animals drink from the pond for fear of contaminates due to runoff.

CAO Dave Williamson told council that Mr. Lecuyer was actively involved in the Ashely Drain process and noted the aforementioned Ontario Drainage Tribunal hearing.

“The issues he’s raising were issues addressed by the tribunal,” Mr. Williamson said, recommending to council that Mr. Lecuyer’s letter be redirected to the municipality’s drainage superintendent, John Lindley.

Mr. Williamson said he thought that all of Mr. Lecuyer’s issues had been resolved following the last visit from the drain superintendent.

Councillor Laurie Cook questioned the finger ditches issue that Mr. Lecuyer noted. Mr. Williamson explained that finger ditches were part of the original plan for the Lecuyer property, but Mr. Lecuyer had opposed them at the time.