Northeast Town installs fitness equipment at Low Island Park

Northeast Town Mayor Al MacNevin tests out the new outdoor fitness gear found at Low Island Park. photo by Robin Burridge

LITTLE CURRENT—The Northeast Town is installing outdoor fitness equipment at Low Island Park in Little Current thanks to a $25,000 New Horizons for Seniors Grant.

“Public works just started installing the equipment a few days ago,” explained Northeast Town Mayor Al MacNevin, who met with The Expositor at Low Island last week to reveal the new equipment. “A lot of the equipment and signage is already installed, but it will be completely done and ready for next spring.”

Mayor MacNevin said that there will be nine pieces of equipment, grouped together at four stations around the Low Island Park trail.

“It was something that was identified in our Age Friendly Community Study and fits in with our strategic plan,” said Mayor MacNevin. “We are grateful for the New Horizons for Seniors Grant that allowed us to purchase and install this equipment. The wellbeing of our community members is important to council, as in ensuring that our residents have access to equipment and tools to help them get and stay healthy.”

The new equipment is from ActiveFit Outdoor Fitness Equipment. The air walker is one of the new pieces—offering a low-impact, fun and effective cardio workshop as you swing your way into shape. The hand bike provides users with strength and endurance building for both the arms and shoulders. It mimics the movements of the speed bags rowers use when training and provides a great cardio workout without involving the legs. The recumbent bike gives the cardio benefit of cycling with full back support and offering a low-impact, ease-of-use pedaling action for strengthening thighs, glutes, calves and abs. The knee lift/stepper unit is a multi-purpose piece of equipment, which is used to perform step-ups, dips, leg lifts and stretching exercises. The multi-stretcher can be used to work the abdominal area, stretch your back, arms, legs and improve your flexibility. It’s effective for warming up and cooling down. The upper/lower body stretcher promotes flexibility in the shoulders, arms and wrists as well as improving hip and back flexibility in the shoulders, arms and wrists. The side stepper helps to improve back and hip flexibility and can be used to stretch your obliques and exercise your abdominals. The leg press is great for developing leg strength by using a portion of your body weight as resistance. Lastly, the parallel bars deluxe are essential for a variety of upper body strength and stretching exercises.

Corresponding signs with each piece of equipment show the level of difficulty, the target areas and how to use the equipment.

Many of the pieces are already installed, so head down to Low Island to check out the new equipment.