Northeast Town Notes

Grader for sale

Northeast Town staff is confident in the work of its new grader, purchased this year, meaning that it’s time to declare the old one surplus. At its September 29 meeting, Northeast Town council declared surplus its 1989 Champion grader. The piece of heavy machinery will then be placed for sale.

“It served us well, now it’s time to move it out of the fleet,” said CAO Dave Williamson.


The topic of Halloween was placed on council’s agenda for conversation. Mayor Al MacNevin noted to council that Public Health Sudbury and Districts (PHSD) has not taken a direction on Halloween as they are waiting to hear from the province on the beloved holiday. PHSD did, however, remind everyone to continue to follow physical distancing protocols, wear a mask and wash your hands.

Councillor Barb Baker said she has had conversations with numerous constituents who have expressed concern that, should they choose not to participate in Halloween this year, that they may be subject to Halloween devilry in the form of vandalism and smashed pumpkins.

Councillor Bill Koehler said he has also received similar phone calls from ratepayers.

“If there is concern around vandalism, we can contact the local police,” said Councillor Al Boyd, recalling the days of the volunteer efforts of the ‘goblin patrol’ headed up by the fire department.