Northeast Town welcomes new council

From left, clockwise, the new Northeast Town council, Councillors Marcel Gauthier, Laurie Cook, Paul Skippen, Bruce Wood, town clerk Pam Cress, Mayor Al MacNevin, town CAO Dave Williamson, Councillors Michael Erskine, Dawn Orr, Bill Koehler and Melissa Peters.

LITTLE CURRENT—The Northeast Town held its inaugural meeting of the sixth council since the amalgamation of Little Current and Howland, welcoming back acclaimed Mayor Al MacNevin and several councillors for another term, in addition to newcomer Laurie Cook, earlier this month.

Taking their declarations of office and oaths of allegiance last week were Mayor MacNevin, Ward 1 Councillor Laurie Cook, Ward 2 Councillors Michael Erskine, Bill Koehler and Melissa Peters, Ward 3 Councillor Marcel Gauthier and Ward 4 Councillors Paul Skippen, Bruce Wood and Dawn Orr.

“Congratulations to our returning councillors,” said Mayor McNevin, as the new council took their seats around the table. “Thank you for your dedicated service to this town. We worked well together for the past four years and look forward to another productive term. I would also like to welcome our new Ward 1 councillor, Laurie Cook, as well as recognize the efforts of our previous Councillor Christina Jones.”

“I campaigned many homes during the election,” noted Councillor Koehler. “I received positive feedback about our council. Many people commented on our strong leadership and were generally pleased with the operation of the municipality.”

Mayor MacNevin also announced the new council committee appointments including: Councillor Gauthier on the Manitoulin East Municpal Airport Commission, Emergency Planning, Landfill Citizens Liaison Committee (CLC) and the Centennial Museum of Sheguiandah; Councillor Cook on the Little Current Library Board and Community Services Advisory Committee (CSAC); Councillor Erskine on the Business Improvement Committee (BIA) and North Channel Marine Tourism Council (NCMTC); Councillor Koehler to the Provincial Offences Act Committee (POA), Property Standards Committee and CLC; Councillor Peters to the Manitoulin Planning Board and Property Standards Committee; Councillor Orr to the Manitoulin Centennial Manor Board and Manitoulin Welcome Centre Building Committee; Councillor Skippen to the CSAC and CLC; Councillor Wood to the Community Policing Advisory Committee (CPAC), Manitoulin Municipal Association (MMA) and Property Standards Committee; and himself (Mayor MacNevin) to the District Services Board (DSB), Emergency Planning and MMA and ex-officio of the Manitoulin East Municipal Airport Commission, the Property Standards Committee, CSAC and the Centennial Museum.