Occupants escape as fire destroys car in Rockville

ROCKVILLE—The Northeast Town Fire Department responded to a late evening vehicle fire call on Thursday in Rockville that completely destroyed an apparent SUV.

“It was a little hard to tell what make it was as it was fully engaged when we got there,” said Northeast Town Fire Department Captain Darren Bailey. “But there was no call for extrication. The occupants were out of the vehicle and in the ambulance by the time we arrived on the scene.”

The call came in around 11:25 pm on May 24 requesting the department attend a single vehicle collision and vehicle fire that did not require extrication.

“We responded with three trucks and positioned them as required to combat a vehicle fire,” said Mr. Bailey. “It was a routine vehicle fire, if you could call a vehicle fire ‘routine,’ and we had it out in less than an hour. We were pretty much done and packed up by 20 to 1 (12:40 am).”

Adding to the confusion as to the exact make of the vehicle was the time of night, the focus on extinguishing the substantial blaze and the damage to the vehicle from the collision.

“It was pretty smashed up,” said Mr. Bailey.

It appeared that the vehicle had struck the side of a culvert or other obstruction on the side of the road.