Ontario Regional Chief RoseAnne Archibald marks National Indigenous Peoples Day for June 21, 2019

Ontario chief Roseanne Archibald. photo by Laura Barrios

(Toronto, June 20, 2019) June 21, 2019 marks the beginning of the summer solstice and National Indigenous Peoples Day. This day is meant to recognize and celebrate, the vibrant culture, diversity and contributions of Indigenous peoples across this country called Canada.

“National Indigenous Peoples Day 2019 is an opportunity to acknowledge and learn more of our true and shared history, and participate and experience vibrant First Nations cultures that continue to revitalize and thrive.

As we look at the past year, our communities and people have experienced many challenges, but something very profound happened earlier this month with the release of the Inquiry report earlier this month on Missing and Murder Indigenous Women and Girls. On this day of recognition, let’s honour the women, and move forward together to implement the recommendations of the MMIWG Inquiry. I would also like to acknowledge and applaud the strength and resiliency of the families and communities that have managed to overcome these issues and stand together.

As Indigenous people make up a diverse and vibrant portion of the cultural mosaic, creating equal and inclusive spaces for Indigenous families and communities to thrive is very important. This National Indigenous Peoples Day, is just one such space with many more needed and yet to come. We, as First Nations, have much to share and offer, which has been our way for centuries, so I encourage all Indigenous and non-Indigenous people to participate in the many activities taking place across Ontario and Canada tomorrow. There is much to be learned from participating, learning, and experiencing first hand traditional gatherings, the beat of the drums, and stories told from elders.”


Ontario Regional Chief RoseAnne Archibald