Operating costs of Central arenas revealed at council


CENTRAL MANITOULIN – During discussion of the minutes of a special Central Manitoulin public meeting seeking public input on the re-opening of municipal arenas, the relative costs of operating the J.H Burt Memorial Arena in Mindemoya and the Providence Bay War Memorial Community Arena were discussed.

Mayor Richard Stephens noted that he had requested the average operating costs of the two arenas be compiled by staff. By calculating the costs over a number of years it was hoped that a realistic assessment could be obtained.

“Average operating costs for the Mindemoya arena are around $84,000 and change, while the average cost of the arena in Prov is around $64,000 and change,” said Mayor Stephens. “That is about a $20,000 operating cost difference between them.”

Councillor Dale Scott noted that he had moved the motion to open both arenas, but added that his reasoning was based on the current pandemic. “I felt now was not the time to not allow hockey. This is not an opportune time to be shutting down one of our arenas. My opinion might be different next year.”