Overwhelming support for the Mindemoya Old School commemorative coin inspires new minting

MINDEMOYA – Never say never. The Friends of the Mindemoya Old School were hesitant about minting a second run of a commemorative coin featuring the historic Old School building, but the incredible outpouring of support for the $25 coin saw the initial 100 minting sold out within days. That led to a rethink and a new plan.

“The first centennial medallion was created to help save the old Mindemoya heritage school building has sold out,” announced Mr. Smith. “The first minting of only 100 numbered coins went quickly to collectors and supporters of the cause. A second minting of 300 numbered medallions is now underway.”

Although there was some initial resistance to creating more of the coins, the outpouring of support clearly dictated a change in course was in order. 

“There was so much demand,” said coin designer Jim Smith of Mindemoya of the pressure to mint more coins in the first run, but he felt honour-bound to stick to the original script. “I kept to the promise of only minting 100 of the first issue—the new coin has changed.” 

The result is a new and improved version.

“It has a different picture of the Mindemoya Old School on it. Really, I kind of like this one better,” he said. Like the first coin, the new run of 300 will be of a gold-coloured coin about two inches in diametre.

The second run has opened up a remarkable unlooked-for new opportunity. “Collectors seem to want to get the second coin with the same number; they want matching numbers,” said Mr. Smith. Each of the first 100 coins were numbered from one to 100 on the bottom edge (six o’clock position), he explained, noting that the second run of 300 will also be similarly be numbered.

The new coins are set at $25 a piece, the same as the original issue.

Those interested in obtaining one of the new coins may place their order for one or more (limit of five) to Jim Smith at friartuck53@netscape.net by electronic money transfer, or by sending a cheque to Jim Smith, 1867 HWY 551, Mindemoya, ON. P0P 1S0, or phone 705-377-4013.

As to when money for the original issue can be sent in, Mr. Smith didn’t hesitate, “Now!” Those who ordered one of the original coins can send in their money to the same address. If mailing of the order is not required, medallions may be picked up instead under the buyer’s name at Williamsons’ Hardware in Mindemoya.