Pamper your favouite furry pal at the Pup in the Tub

Dog groomer Emily Kay stands in front of her new Little Current business Pup in the Tub with her dog Marley. photo by Robin Burridge

New pet grooming business offers services for dogs and cats

LITTLE CURRENT—Emily Kay has opened Pup in the Tub in downtown Little Current, bringing her many years of experience as a dog groomer to Manitoulin.

Ms. Kay has been a certified dog groomer for 12 years, but she starting learning the trade at a young age from her mom, Cheryl Kay, a certified cat groomer.

“I started when I was 10 helping my mom groom animals in the summer and after school,” said Ms. Kay. “When I got older I went into the culinary arts, but eventually decided to return to grooming.”

While in Alberta several years ago on a life adventure, Ms. Kay decided to officially start Pup in the Tub. When she returned to the North Shore recently she brought her business with her, reopening Pup in the Tub in Little Current.

“I love the amount of animals I get to see in a day,” shared Ms. Kay. “All the dogs have different personalities—it’s fun.”

Ms. Kay offers bathing, grooming, ear cleaning and haircuts for dogs big to small. Her facilities and special hydraulic grooming table enable her to accommodate even large pups.

“Pup in the Tub is muzzle free—muzzles tend to stress animals out so we use cones if needed,” explained Ms. Kay. “We are also fragrance free and everything is hypo allergenic.”

As a certified dog groomer, Ms. Kay can give specialty haircuts for show dogs and styles such as poodle cuts, teddy bear and the Fu Manchu (long beard).

“I can also dye hair and add bows, ribbons or bandanas,” she said.

The prices range from $30 to $180 depending on the services required, with a medium size dog averaging $60 for a bath and cut.

She said the wildest grooming and style request she has ever taken on was a pink and red Mohawk on a bichon frise.

“I can accommodate most requests,” she laughed, explaining that hair dying is accomplished using food colouring and conditioner so that it is non toxic and lasts six to eight weeks.

Cheryl Kay, a certified cat groomer and owner of The Grooming Shop in Espanola is offering her services through The Cat’s Tail located in the same space as Pup in the Tub shop twice a month by appointment only.

“She offers cat bathing, using a special shampoo as cats have different fur than dogs, more oily,” said Ms. Kay. “She also offers different colour claw caps and grooming services. Some styles offered include the lion cut and dragon (spikes along the back).”

Ms. Kay will also be opening Bad Dog Bakery out of the same space in the new year featuring her homemade dog treats and cupcakes.

Pup in the Tub is located at 5 Worthington Street in Little Current and is open Mondays to Fridays from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm and Saturdays by appointment only. Ms. Kay is also available to make house calls for nails if needed. For more information or an appointment, call 705-862-2461 or stop in and see Emily and her furry friend and store supervisor Marley. For more information or to book an appointment for The Cat’s Tail, call 705-869-8990.