Passenger safety not at issue in Stratford crash

To the Expositor:

Once again the safety of fifteen passenger vans is being questioned. Take the case of the accident in New Brunswick a few years ago. That van was being driven on a snowy highway equipped with bald tires. Was that the fault of the van? Of course not! The management had simply neglected to have proper tires on. Some time ago I was having my vehicle serviced and the mechanic said “Bert you need new tires.” I said, “Put them on” and a little later I drove away on good rubber and with a thinner pocket book. This recent case in Southwestern Ontario: was it the lack of safety of fifteen passenger vans that caused the accident? Of course not! If that driver had been driving a Cadillac or operating a forty-eight passenger bus the problem would have been the same. He did not stop at the stop sign!

Respectfully yours,

Robert R. (Bert) Hill

Providence Bay