Pattoos Ink opens in Mindemoya offering tattoos and a wide selection of merchandise

Meghan and Pat Giles operate Pattoos Ink, serving up tattoos and a host of other eclectic merchandise. photo by Michael Erskine

by Betty Bardswich

MINDEMOYA – So you think you want to get a tattoo? Know what’s even better? A pattoo.

Pat Giles and his wife Meghan of Tehkummah have opened Pattoos Ink, a tattoo shop in Mindemoya, and it is well worth a visit even if you don’t want artistic designs on your body, for there is a great deal of merchandise for sale. Weed the North pillows, anyone? 

The Giles are from Windsor, but Pat has been coming to the Island since he was a kid, and it has always been his dream to live here permanently. Islanders will be familiar with his relatives, including Edith Trepannier, his grandmother, who has since moved to Windsor, his aunt, Sandy Smith, who has served many a customer at the Foodland deli and Sandy’s son Justin and his wife, Natasha. She has contributed to the items for sale in the shop, including the pillows and masks. 

The articles for sale at Pattoos Ink include an extensive collection of t-shirts, a world-famous brand known as the Sullen Art Collective. Starting with a tattoo artist tee in 2001, more than 200 artists worldwide have put their names on their designed articles of clothing. There is a women’s clothing line too for the Sullen Angels, also with beautifully designed tops and hoodies. The Giles also sell pieces by local artists to do their part to give back to the community. Artists Jade Wyman, 10, and Rebekah Putman, 15, have their art on display. The Giles also expect to get other artists interested in having their work exhibited at this unique shop.

Men and women of all classes and ages have tattoos today, and you can even buy a Barbie doll with the markings. As Mr. Giles pointed out, though, you may get a tattoo at his shop if you are 15, but you must have the permission of a parent. But whatever your age, think carefully about the tattoo you want. The most significant number of regretted tattoos are of another person’s name. Mr. Giles is very good at changing tattoos for the better, as evidenced by the photos on his Facebook page, but people may have to have it completely covered for an unwanted name.

There are plenty of great gift ideas available at Pattoos Ink.

One aspect to keep in mind when contemplating a tattoo is that you can never copy one. Tattooing is art, folks, and while you may get a tattoo along the same lines as the work done by another person, a direct composition is not allowed. You can use another person’s style, but not their copy. And if you are not sure what type to get, Mr. Giles has a flash book of pre-drawn and pre-coloured tattoos to help with a choice. Tattoos can be intricate or not. Some people love black tattoos, but most people want colour.

Disposable needles are in use at Pattoos Ink, and everything for the process is vegan, whether ink, stencil papers or transferring gel. And for those who are a little scared of the process, there is TV to watch, music if you prefer, chatting with the artist or freezing. You must book an appointment for your tattoo session.

Pattoos Ink is open from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm. Credit cards, debit and cash are all accepted, and gift cards are available. You can check out their work on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.