A poetic response to the Manitoulin seasons

To the Expositor:

When the doldrums of winter surround us, it is uplifting to remember how Manitoulin’s fair isle spreads its beauty and splendour around us through all seasons, picture…

When blossoming fruit trees confetti the breeze
Under both noon and moon shadows,
While foraging rabbits stain their hare lips
With strawberries and the petals of wild roses.
When choirs of bees raise hosannas to mead
Through fields drizzled with dandelion honey,
And spotted young fawns, gracing our lawns,
Suckle “green-apple” milk from their moms.
Early Fall
When headlands and roads reveal colour codes
Where woodlands swirl with yesterday’s leaves,
While amid meadows, once green, farm folk are seen
Immersed in the gold of their harvest routine.
When a spotted tree frog and tortoise shell cat side-by-side nap
In the dappled shade of our deck,
As, with winter anon, shadows of migrating geese pattern our lawn
To the steady dragon-boat beat of their throng.
When over plump fields above and white meadows below
Dervishes whirl up sky-high pillars of snow,
As come-to-earth sundogs with their auroras a shimmer
Are omens of weather over wetlands and river.
Deep Northern Winter
When dark ravens departing their sauna through the mists of a stream
On snowy white banks imprint “angel wings,”
While upside-down winter brings the brightest light from below,
Reflected off snow.
Doreen Bailey