Politics is a rough sport

“If politics was successful we would not see what we see today”

To the Expositor:

Well we nearly saw a fist fight in Parliament about a week ago and it is understandable for something like that to happen because being in politics is a living hell in that everybody around you is playing God in that they know what is best for everybody. Well life does not work that way. Everybody is different so just work with the citizens instead of telling them what is best for them.

My advice to anybody who is interested in going into politics is that you do not know what the heck you’re getting yourself into because when people are chasing their career they usually look at how much they will be earning at the occupation of their choosing, but they do not know what the heck they are getting into and what they have to deal with and most times, it’s not very pretty. Besides, being in politics you never really accomplish anything because politics is just a failure and we have proof of it—just take a look around you and see all the poor people that are struggling all the time. If politics was successful we would not see what we see today—everybody would be happy with no struggles.

Ronald Osawabine