Porter-Clark-Purvis Hockey Tournament celebrates 35 years

The 40 and over B division saw the Blodgett and Fossil White teams square off in the finals. The Blodgett team won 4-1. Both teams gathered for a photograph after the game ended.

GORE BAY—The Porter-Clark-Purvis hockey tournament celebrated its 35th anniversary in great style this past weekend with great hockey and big crowds in attendance.

There were a total of eight teams in the Sportsmen’s division with four teams taking part in the 40 and over division during the tournament.

The Sportsmen’s A division final pitted the Riching team versus Average Joes (the latter who had been crowned the champions in this division the past three years). The Riching team took a 3-1 lead late into the third period, until a tremendous rally by Average Joes closed the gap to 3-2. Average Joes had a couple of great chances to score in the last couple of minutes, being on the power-play but the Riching team held on for the victory.

Definitely deserving of a portion of the credit for the victory was Riching team goalie Zach Rolston, who was presented with the Rick Rayner Most Valuable Player Award for the tournament by Stacy Rayner.

The Riching team, were the champions in the Sportsmen’s A division at the 35th annual Porter Clark Purvis hockey tournament, held last weekend in Gore Bay. The Riching team defeated Average Joes 3-2 in the final game.

Members of the winning Riching team included Cole Dumond, Shaun Riching, Wes Chambers, Chris King, Neil McDougall, Zach Whalen, Carter Dunlop, Jordan Trudeau, Jordan King, Zach Rolston and Brandon Orford.

The Porter Trophy was presented to the Riching team by Christopher Porter and Bailey Nerbus.

In the 40 and over A division final, it was the Orford team versus M’Chigeeng in championship game. M’Chigeeng had won this championship the past couple of years.

In the 40 and over A division, the Orford team shut out M’Chigeeng in the championship game, to win their division.

However, this year the Orford team shutout M’Chigeeng in the final game by a score of 3-0. Daryl Leighton posted the shutout for the Orford team. Other members of the Orford team included Rob Dearing, Jason Thibault, Brad King, Mike Argue, Bob Dumond, Kevin Rose, Corey Clarke, Shane Laidley, Rob Pearson, Darryl Van Horn, Dale Wallace, Brad Borton and Randy Leighton.

In the Sportsmen B division finals the Noble-Lockyer team defeated Russell Thunder by a score of 5-3. Members of the winning Noble-Lockyer team included Kurtis Noble, Kyle Noble, Logan Noble, Ken McKracken, Jeff Huck, Kal Ricci, Tom Lockyer, Stacy Rayner, Luke Little, Kevin Day, Mitch Orford (goalie) and Nevin Merrylees.

The winners of the Sportsmen B finals of the Porter Clark Purvis hockey tournament was the Noble-Lockyer team, which defeated Russell Thunder by a score of 5-3 in the final.

The 40 and over B division saw the Blodgett and Fossil White teams play off in the final championship game. The Blodgett team won the final by a score of 4-1. Members of the Blodgett team included Scott McDougall, Cole McLaughlin, Jeff Fenerty, Don Wright, Mark Sanchez, Paul Flanagan, Paul Wright, Dave Wright, Lee Hayden, Jed Graham, Andrew Preyde (goalie) and Tom Lockyer.