Postal services will not be changing in Kagawong area, says Canada Post rep

OTTAWA—An official with the Canada Post Corporation says there will be no change in services provided at the Billings (Kagawong) post office-the only change will be in the mail carriers.

Phil Legault of Canada Post explained this to the Recorder this past Monday in response to concerns raised by Billings council at their council meeting last week. It was noted at the meeting that a message had been received from Canada Post Corporation that the rural service mail carrier route in Kagawong is being moved to Gore Bay to eventually be merged with an existing route. And, as of July 31, 2016, the Kagawong post office will receive and dispatch its mail via RRI Kagawong which will emanate from Gore Bay.

This drew concerns from Billings council that this could lead to delivery of mail to Kagawong being taken away, and could eventually lead to the closure of the post office.

However, Mr. Legault said, “the only change that is going to take place is the rural suburban mail carrier has moved to a different route in Gore Bay. He only had a couple of hours in Kagawong and by moving he will be getting more hours of work.”

“The carrier had bid on the route that had been vacant in Gore Bay and know has taken this position, and is going to Gore Bay as an extension of the service,” said Mr. Legault. “Nothing is going to change as far as services go for Kagawong; the mail will still be delivered to Billings, and the services will continue as they have there.”

“There will be absolutely no changes in mail services for Kagawong (Billings),” Mr. Legault reiterated.