Providence Bay News and Notes

Last Monday, September 6, guests at the Auberge Inn and others in Providence Bay had a rare opportunity to view a fantastic showing of the Northern lights. This was the third time that Nathalie has seen them in Providence Bay at the beach once in the winter and twice in the summer. The fact that the beach is dark with not a lot of lights makes for the beach and boardwalk to be a perfect spot to sit and enjoy the dancing show of the aurora borealis. What a magical delight!

There was a lot of excitement at the mouth of the Mindemoya River this week. The Department of Fisheries and Oceans made a visit to help control the lamprey eel population. The township opened up the mouth of the river to help the salmon. This was overseen by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and Manitoulin Streams. There was a flurry of activity as an abundance of salmon took the opportunity to swim up the river to spawn, you can view the video on the Manitoulin Streams Facebook page.

Since September, the Discovery Centre is being manned by volunteers on the weekends. Thanks go out to erin-blythe reddie, Jane Wright, Blair Sullivan, Marlene and Bill Jewell and Linda and Bill Allen for keeping this important centre open for visitors from 12 to 3 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. They welcomed approximately 60 visitors this past weekend. The sun was shining and it was wonderfully warm fall weekend, there were even kids swimming in the water.

Providence Bay Yoga will be starting again for a four-week session this Wednesday, September 16 from 6:45 to 8 pm. Fifty dollars for the session, or $12 for drop-in to try out a class. This is a gentle Hatha Yoga class that will help you relax and is being offered in the basement of Community of Christ Church.

Next week, September 18 and 19, will be the last weekend the Discovery Centre is open as well as the last weekend for Huron Island Time.

Work has been progressing with the Civic Square. The township was over and brought crush and graded the new parking lot. Stay tuned for more news.

The Providence Bay dump has resumed their off season hours. They are now open to the residents every Saturday from 1 to 5 pm.

We are thinking of Adam McDonald as he proceeds with his medical treatment. There was an 80th birthday party held in Harold Dewar’s honour on Saturday, September 12 at the curling club. Happy Birthday, Harold. Not only did they pay respect to Harold’s Toronto Maple Leafs, but also to all the Habs fans.

Visitors this week from the Providence Bay Curling Club coffee club were: Lise and Claude Leveille from Sudbury, Mike Charette of Sudbury; Denis and Lorraine from Port Elgin; and Garth and Larry Bates from North Bay. John Beckman was visiting from New Brunswick to paint his house to make it ready to move back for the winter. Kevin Mitchell is leaving the community to go back home to Sudbury for the winter. We’ll miss your smiling face.

Manitoulin Island Meats has received word that they will be one of the participating sites in the popular Hats for Hides program this hunting season. For more information or to inquire about butchering of your wild meat, call them at 705-377-5622.

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