Providence Bay News and Notes – Mar 12-14

The Community of Christ pancake breakfast was a great success. Thank you to everyone that came to the event.

Pat McFarlane has her sisters visiting with her—Betty Christiansen from the Sault and Sylvia Mann from Hawk Junction.

We had Blair for supper on Thursday and afterwards we talked about old times.

Friends of Mary Oliver are invited to a ‘coffee break’ on Tuesday, March l8 from l to 3 pm at the Community of Christ Providence Bay. All are welcome to come and share memories and enjoy a visit with ZuZu.

Donations to the Manitoulin Pet Save will be accepted if you desire.

We still have lots of snow but it is nice to see the sun once in awhile.

Remember our seniors and our veterans. Check on them if you live near them.

If you have any news at all feel free to call me at 705-377-4449.

Remember to be kind to one another. God Bless. We hope everyone will have a great week.