Providence Bay News & Notes

Welcome back to all of our seasonal residents. We’ve missed you. It’s wonderful to see the Providence Bay Park gates open and the many seasonal residents there since the beginning of May. It’s been so cold, it shows their great love for our beautiful spot on Manitoulin Island.

The Mutchmor Lofts are already creating a stir in the village and they are still in the stages of renovation. They had a truckload full of sheets of drywall that needed to make it up to the second floor of the building. What better way to do that than to remove the large upstairs front window and have the truck’s crane lift them directly in through the window next to the walls they will soon be covering. Ingenious. And as an added bonus, it provided entertainment to locals and to their friends on Facebook.

The Providence Bay Curling Club had a great turnout for their monthly breakfast on May 4 serving 49 hungry patrons. They send out a big thank you to everyone for supporting the coffee club.

Happy Birthday wishes go out to Bev Cress who celebrated on May 7. All the best for a Happy Birthday goes to Gord Glanville and JT Wright who both celebrate on May 10. Matt Young celebrates on May 11 and he’s wished an excellent Happy Birthday as well.

Morels are in season now according to local pickers. And by all accounts it’s a bumper crop this year. The wet spring mixed with a couple of warmer night temperatures will slowly warm the soil to create the perfect environment for the tasty mushrooms. A personal favourite recipe is to simply fry them in butter. Be sure to cook them since they can be toxic if eaten raw.

The Providence Bay/Spring Bay Lions Club is a fantastic local club that does so much to help the community. They are looking for new members. Meetings are held the first and third Sunday of each month at the Curling Club. For more information, contact Matt Young at 705-377-7149.

Remember to grab your rake and work gloves and head on down to the Harbour Centre this Saturday, May 13. Let’s all pitch in to keep the Providence Bay Beach clean. This annual volunteer event to clean the beach using non-mechanical means is scheduled to start at 10 am and a BBQ lunch will be provided. Sponsored by the Providence Bay Community Centre Board.

We’re really looking forward to the Providence Bay/Spring Bay Lions Club Spring Roar. It even has a great name. The licenced dance starts at 8 pm with a DJ that will get everybody out on the dance floor. They are having a fantastic hot lunch with pulled pork on a bun, BBQ beans and coleslaw. Come on out and celebrate spring. And roar with the Lions.

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