Providence Bay resident distraught after passing driver kills family dog

A Providence Bay family is distraught after Dozer, their family dog, was killed by a passing car in an incident that took place last week. In photo from left is Dozer and his sister Dolly, in better times.

PROVIDENCE BAY – A Providence Bay resident is distraught that one of the family’s dogs was hit by a vehicle while it was on the side of the road, and mad that the driver of the vehicle did not stop after the incident, or offer their condolences after fatally hitting the animal.

“It was yesterday afternoon that this took place,” Sherry Anderson McFarlane told the Recorder late last week. She explained Dozer, a male pug, had been hit by a car while he was on the gravel part of the side of the road in front of the family’s home in Providence Bay. “What if it was a kid?”

Dozer “loved the hedges in front of our house, and he would walk around them. He was on the other side of the hedges (on the walking portion) on the edge of the road.” said Ms. Anderson McFarlane. “I was on the deck and there was nothing to make me notice the car, nothing. It wasn’t speeding or braking. The first I knew what had happened was from the guy in a vehicle behind the car, who stopped and got out of his vehicle saying, ‘your dog was just hit and is on the road’.” 

Ms. Anderson McFarlane, “It appears whoever it was who hit Dozer had to have steered their car towards the dog to hit him.” 

She noted that she and her husband had rescued Dozer and his sister “Dolly, this past March. Dolly is beside herself with what has happened.” 

“Dozer was quite a character; he loved everyone who came in—I don’t think that when we first got him that he had socialized with anyone before we got him and Dolly,” said Ms. Henderson McFarlane. 

“No, the driver of the car never stopped, he did nothing but drive away,” she said. “It’s just mean to do what this driver did. I’m originally from Manitoulin and I’m not used to these type of things taking place.”

“Not everyone is an animal lover, I guess,” she told the Recorder. “All we have now are our memories of Dozer, and the smile he gave everyone.”