Province stocks lake trout in Gore Bay area waters

GORE BAY—The province has again stocked lake trout in the Gore Bay area as part of its rehabilitation plan for the fish species for Ontario waters of Lake Huron.

“The stocking of the fish in the Gore Bay area waters was done as  part of the Revised Lake Trout Rehabilitation Plan for Ontario waters of Lake Huron,” confirmed Ron Green, management biologist for the Lake Huron office of the Upper Great Lakes Management Unit, last Friday.

The stocking in Gore Bay began on March 27 and carried through until the end of April,” said Mr. Green. He explained the lake trout rehabilitation plan for Ontario was initiated in 2012. “The annual target (2012-2020) for Gore Bay designated as rehabilitation zone 2 (of 16 in the province) is 520,938 yearlings,” said Mr. Green. The lake trout were Iroquois Bay Strain from the Tarentorus Fish Culture Station.

“This is an annual stocking event that will continue according to the Revised Lake Trout Rehabilitation Plan for Ontario Waters of Lake Huron until 2020,” explained Mr. Green. “At that time assessment data will be reviewed to ensure we are making progress towards the identified targets for each rehabilitation zone within the plan, to see if the plan is meeting targets and provide the chance to revisit goals and objectives.