Random Acts of Kindness

EDITOR’S NOTE: Each week, Random Acts of Kindness submissions will be listed here. To share an act of kindness, please email it to editor@manitoulin.ca, fax it to 705-358-3822 or mail it to The Manitoulin Expositor c/o Acts of Kindness, P.0.. Box 369, Little Current, ON P0P1K0 and be sure to include your name and address. Don’t forget, one name from the submissions will be drawn in February with the prize of a $200 donation to an Island charity of their choice.

Fortunate support for unfortunate fall

In early June last year, I experienced an unfortunate fall on Robinson St. (in Little Current). Phil Dionne, who was with me, immediately called for an ambulance. As I lie face down on the pavement I was comforted by Sarah Warburton who parked nearby and knelt beside me until the ambulance arrived.

Thank you, Sarah!

Sandy McGillivray
Little Current

Island coffee shops encourage paying it forward

by Robin Burridge

MANITOULIN—Loco Beanz in Little Current, Manitowaning and Gore Bay is encouraging random acts of kindness through the introduction of suspended coffees—a global movement that encourages people to purchase a coffee or treat at their local participating coffee shop to be redeemed by anyone.

“A customer told me about suspended coffees and I went online to find out more information,” said Loco Beanz entrepreneur Shannon Cranston. “I though it was a really neat idea and signed up online.”

Ms. Cranston said that customers can add to their order, buying an extra coffee and/or a baked good. The ‘suspended’ coffee or treat is then placed on a special post-it note above the condiment bar (which holds the milk, sugar and napkins).

“Anyone can redeem the suspended coffees,” said Ms. Cranston. “In larger urban centres the movement is encouraged to help with poverty and homelessness, but here on Manitoulin I wanted to do it to help with the sense of community and kindness. Anyone can redeem a suspended coffee or treat.”

Ms. Cranston’s hope is that people will look at the movement as a way to pay-it-forward to their fellow Island community members.

“Everyone has bad days or needs to have their days brightened up sometime,” Ms. Cranston shared. “I hope that people use the suspended coffee to cheer up someone, congratulate them on an achievement or give to someone in need of a coffee boost. Anyone can come in, check the board and redeem a suspended coffee or treat.”

The suspended coffee board at Loco Beanz allows customers to take a free coffee or treat which had been previously purchased by other customers.
photo by Robin Burridge

“A suspended coffee can be for anyone,” states suspendedcoffees.com. “It can be for the homeless man you pass every day on the street, a stressed student in the middle of exams, or a mom who needs a five minute break. It is not up to us to judge who is in need. If someone asks, then they are in need. It helps remind us that no matter how alone you may feel, there is always someone somewhere who cares. Being alone is the scariest thing in the world, and our desire is to brighten those dark days of loneliness and fear. Yes, it’s just a cup of coffee, but it’s about more than the coffee!”

“We just got the promotional materials, posters and cards two days ago and already the board is full, which is awesome to see,” said Ms. Cranston last Friday.

Loco Beanz in now one of over 1,800 coffee shops in 20 countries around the world participating in the Suspended Coffees movement.

For more information, stop in at Loco Beanz locations in downtown Little Current, Manitowaning or Gore Bay or go online to suspendedcoffees.com.

Eat a cupcake, save an animal’s life on Feb. 25

MINDEMOYA—The Island Animal Hospital is holding a Cupcake Day party for National Cupcake Day to raise funds for the Ontario Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals on Saturday, February 25 and you’re invited from 9 am to 1 pm. There will be door prizes!

“It’s going to be a scrumptious event with irresistible treats that will help raise awareness and urgently-needed funds to support animals that are abused, abandoned, neglected or no longer wanted,” Island Animal Hospital veterinarian Dr. Janice Mitchell explains.

“The Island Animal Hospital team will be baking the most delicious, delectable and scrumptious cupcakes you can possibly imagine,” Dr. Mitchell adds. “I just know you want one! Or two! Or a dozen!  Will you please consider donating online to our Cupcake Day Party? Not only will you get to enjoy a yummy cupcake, but you’ll be supporting a cause that is very close to our hearts.”

Those wishing to make a donation can do so online with guarantees that “it’s safe, secure and super easy.  Just head to www.ontariospca.ca and click on the “Donate” button at the top of the page,” Dr. Mitchell says. Or, drop by Island Animal Hospital and purchase a cupcake!

“You can join us in helping rescue tens of thousands of animals across Canada from abuse and neglect and give them a second chance,” Dr. Mitchell continues. “Thank you so much for your support!”